Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greatest Love In The World- Mother's Love

Emm.....Until now, I start to feel how difficult to be a mother. I am now having 5 months pregnancy. ( Unfortunately, still don't know myy baby gender....he is too shy to let me know. Just went for medical check up today, gynae said he is hiding himself, therefore not able to know about his gender.)

However, whether is a boy or girl , he is still my baby...:)

No wonder people always say mother's love is the greatest love in the world. Throughout my pregnancy, I have experienced alot, almost miscarriage during my first trimester, fibroid red degeneration during my second trimester now. You guys definitely can't imagine about the degeneration pain. To me, it is almost equal to delivery pain.

Lucky to say that I am tough enough and of course with my husband's support, at last I have gone through this horrible stage. I always wondering if I were given a choice, to back to to the past, will I still want this baby after going through so many incidents? ( Ok la, I will definitely opts for the same choice ma)....Otherwise, I worry my baby will get angry with me la. You guys know that baby is very " small heart eyes " one ma. Haha!!!!


At 1:23 AM, Blogger Choon How said...

加油!I know at times it seems painful going through all this, but it is worth it.
You might say that its easy for me to say since I'm a guy.
True. But you will know what I mean now that I tell you that the amazing feeling you had will be yours forever and yours alone. Thats something we guys can never had. Write more!

At 12:51 PM, Blogger KEAN HONG said...

Choon how? u know Belle?


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