Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Baby Soon To Be 3 Months

Wow....Time past really fast. My princess now going to be 3 months old. Our little sweet heart now already know how to "manja" her mom. Each time if she sees me walk out of her eyesight, quickly, her lips will turn into duckling flat lip.....:)

Also, she not in that much of daddy's hug, as compared to mom's one. Every time I look at her, I always feel so touching... My little One....Daddy and Mommy always love you so much.....

Monday, October 06, 2008


Huh!!!! Yesterday we celebrated my baby full moon. According to "pantang" baby girl must celebrate her 1 month old one day earlier. So, we have a small cake party in the morning and dinner at klang restaurant.

Fortunately, my baby slept through the dinner time, her "Digital Dolby" Stereo speaker did not turn on. Otherwise, I believe people in the restaurant surely cannot tahan, and will ask us to walk out the door.... :)

Here are some of her photos for you guys to compare, after 1 month, is she looks like father or mother....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


不知不觉,已经过了生产后的第13天了。回想在9月6号的那天,老公以及妈妈 和我一起去妇科那边检查。因为我的due date 是9 约6号,可是子宫颈却依然还没有打开。所以我决定要剖宫。 老公和妈妈虽然比较喜欢顺产,但还是尊重我的决定。

当天早上,我就入院,准备待产了。由于是剖宫,所以我中早上9时过后就滴水不占了。当到了中午2时,我整个人开始觉得很难受, 因为没有的吃和喝嘛!脾气也变坏了。到了3时,当护士通知我们,说单人病房预备好了,教我到新的病房。我一下床,羊水就破了。那时候的我,回想起来,真的好好笑。整个人都慌了起来。那时候的我,才发现原来我一直以为不是作动的感觉, 居然就是作动(请原谅我,因为比较起来,之前我所面临的degeneration, 这根本不算什么)

下午4时半,我就被推进了手术室。妈妈和老公都进不了。一切都得让我自己去面对。在整个手术的过程当中,我觉得最难受的莫过于插尿道管了。 6 个人,包括医生,麻醉师以及护士都在哄我。当好不容易插上了,就轮到背部的麻醉了。一共打了2 针。效果来的很快。当医生和护士为我消毒下身的时候,我已经感觉不到了。只觉得很厚的感觉。当医生把布挡在我的面前,我整个人都觉得好紧张,因为我知道,医生要下刀了。当他说‘knife" 的时候,我以为我会痛,可是什么都感觉不到。再过了半小时,我就听到了孩子很嘹亮的哭声。当时我的心中充满了感动,觉得一切都是值得的。

缝合过后,我就被推到观察室,待了1小时过后,就被允许推到病房。一出手术房,就看到了我的老公站在那边等我,妈妈则到病房里头等我去。手术过后的当晚, 我就要求护士把我的尿道管给拆了。因为我觉得很不舒服。那晓得拆了过后,我想下床如厕,却痛得我连站都站不起来。到最后出动了老公和护士两个人才把我扶起来, 解决我的问题。 到了第二天,想要去厕所,都有点怕。最后还是吃了止痛药, 才去如厕。 。。。好了不多说了。感觉自己好长气。对于这次的顺利产下我的宝贝,我深深地了解了母亲的伟大。我要好好的感谢我的妈妈, 还有我的老公对我的支持和所付出的一切切哦!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Princess

Oops....Ladies and Gentleman....Here comes the prettiest princess in the world----WINCEY CHEN. She is now 7th days in this world.

As her mum, after go through so much "pain" , when I look at her, I feel she worth for everything......( U all cannot tahan ler... aiyo, come on la, every mum will say their baby is the most cute and pretty in the world one ma)....

Monday, June 30, 2008

My New House

Yo guys! always wanted to update my blog. Unfortunately everyday go back home earliest on 6.00am. Where got energy to update ler??

Anyhow I manage to write something tonight. My husband and I have shifted to our new house 28th last month. It is great to stay in new house but it is a big night mare for house moving ( hehe! a statement from my husband deepest heart, because I m a pregnant woman ma....pantang ma, cannot carry heavy things..soooo all burden on my husband shoulder lor)

ok lar, let me share some of my new house photos with you guys....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Greatest Love In The World- Mother's Love

Emm.....Until now, I start to feel how difficult to be a mother. I am now having 5 months pregnancy. ( Unfortunately, still don't know myy baby gender....he is too shy to let me know. Just went for medical check up today, gynae said he is hiding himself, therefore not able to know about his gender.)

However, whether is a boy or girl , he is still my baby...:)

No wonder people always say mother's love is the greatest love in the world. Throughout my pregnancy, I have experienced alot, almost miscarriage during my first trimester, fibroid red degeneration during my second trimester now. You guys definitely can't imagine about the degeneration pain. To me, it is almost equal to delivery pain.

Lucky to say that I am tough enough and of course with my husband's support, at last I have gone through this horrible stage. I always wondering if I were given a choice, to back to to the past, will I still want this baby after going through so many incidents? ( Ok la, I will definitely opts for the same choice ma)....Otherwise, I worry my baby will get angry with me la. You guys know that baby is very " small heart eyes " one ma. Haha!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bali Trip

Em....only after 1 year marriage, then only we have time to go for honey moon. After so many rounds of arguement and discussions, finally, we decided to go to Bali Island for our honey moon.

Basically, I would say this trip is ok, the view in Bali is excellent, except for the ground agent. Their service is like hell, and expensive.

Guys, I would advise you all to survey on those local tour agent along roadside. Have a good bargain with them,...for at least 30-40% discount. Then this will save alot for your cost.

let me share some of the photos we took in Bali, which include the lake view, volcano and also some other nice place...