Friday, January 12, 2007

Hoho! My Last Day in AKK

Hoho! Finally, I tendered my resignation letter yesterday afternoon. I thought the"bosses" are going to torchure me for my last service month in company.

Nasib baik, today, the lady one told she accepted my letter, and I can pack my thing now.....Hiu! Hiu! So nice . I don't have to wait for 1 month but can still get back my salary, and of course, my claims as well.

See! when I was a staff there, they hold my claims for about 3 months. Once I tender, I can get immediately..........if I know this , I would have tender even earlier liao lo!!! Right?

Any how I still get back my claims already lar....Hahaha!!

Will rest until end of this January, coz need to start my new job in Feb.....