Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Days without voices

Oh Gosh!! For those of you who knows me very well, I am sure u all know I love to talk.....that's why I am a sales and marketing person, right?

Just imagine, a talkative person like me, suddenly lost her voice.....that is a really bad feeling.

I have lost my voice for the past 2 days, and if including today, it is the third day already...My voice now is still sounds like a old witch. And the worst thing is that, don't know why, most of my clients called me up on yesterday, and my voice is so...........( guys, I am speechless liao la). It was such a bad experience. My clients all have to suffer to listen to my voice....too bad.

Well, I hope tomorrow will be a good day for me coz I need to close up a sales ....If not, haha.....I am sure my boss will be after me then......